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Filip 4`th best male open class!

Filip Posted on 06 Nov, 2010 16:23:49

Saturday October 30`2010. Norwegian miniature breed club arranged a show in Letohallen about an hour outside of Oslo.

Filip ended ut as 4`th best male in open class! Very proud of him! smiley

Friendlystaff first champion!

Last News Posted on 02 Oct, 2010 20:04:45

Friendlystaff`s amazing boy became norwegian champion today!!

This is the first champion offspring from our cattery! I am very proud!

Congratulations to frida and Terje at innocentroses! smiley

NEW webpage!!!

Last News Posted on 19 Sep, 2010 20:36:50

Friendlystaff`s new web page is now almost done. I am really proud of the result, and I hope you find the webpage easy to use. Big thanks to Frida Johanson at innocentroses for the website 😉 😉

New Litter

Last News Posted on 31 Aug, 2010 03:12:36

We are hoping to have another litter between Pia and Ole before christmas this year. Pia is now ” off the pill” smiley

Show results

Last News Posted on 28 Aug, 2010 19:28:45

Friendlystaff`s Amazing Boy -BIV TOTAL, CAC and BIS today!!! OOHhh yeeeah my blue angel!!! This is one of the male cats from first litter. Congratulations to Frida and Terje at innocentroses- Proud owners!!!

Second day of the show he got CAC and NOM, But lost in panel by one vote.

Amazing results, for “Amazing Boy”! smiley

Update May 2010

Last News Posted on 25 May, 2010 12:31:23

Some few words and updates here from Friendlystaff. Summer is coming to Norway and we are all really enjoying it!

Filip is doing well, he will soon be mated, and we are all very excited!

Sophie is calmer after the neutering, and we are still working on her issues.

Pia is back to normal after her litter in September, and I have started to plan a new mating between her and Ole.

Ole has mated with a female from another breeder, and the kittens are born.

A new princess cat is born and will join the cattery here during the summer.

Info about all the breedings and plans will come later on.

Litter A

Last News Posted on 21 Mar, 2010 21:19:10

This Sunday there was an international cat show at Veitvethallen in Oslo, Norway.

Litter A was all there, and here are the GREAT results: 5 months and 3 weeks old:

Friendlystaff`s Absolutely Stunning : Ex1. Best female in group.

Friendlystaff`s Always number one : Ex1. Best of variant total.

Friendlystaff`s Amazing Boy : Ex1. NOM. BIS2.

We are SO PROUD and happy about this results, and I would like to congratulate the new owners of the kittens with this AMAZING results on the first show!


Sophie Posted on 08 Mar, 2010 22:21:59

The sterilization of Sophie on Friday March 5, went really well. She is doing great and shows no sign of pain.


Steriliseringen av Sophie på fredag 5 mars gikk kjempe fint og hun er i god form. Hun viser ingen tegn til smerte.


Sophie Posted on 27 Jan, 2010 12:58:28

Sophie is in heat from Sunday 24 January.

Sophie fikk løpetid på Søndag 24 Januar.


Ole Posted on 08 Dec, 2009 13:17:47

Søndag 6 Desember i Letohallen fikk Ole sitt tredje cert og ble dermed NORSK UTSTILLINGS CHAMPION!!! Jeg er ufattelig glad, og veldig stolt av den flotte gutten min!!


Sunday December 6`th Ole got his third CAC and is now a NORWEGIAN CHAMPION!! I am so pleased and I`m very proud of my beautiful boy!!!

2`nd CAC

Ole Posted on 05 Dec, 2009 13:29:10

International cat show at Letohallen near Oslo today 5 December 09.

Ole got his 2`nd CAC!! smiley

Internasjonal katteutstilling i Letohallen ved Oslo i dag 5 Desember.

Ole fikk sitt andre cert i dag!!! smiley


Last News Posted on 25 Nov, 2009 14:14:58

27 / 10 -2009 ble stamnavnet NO*FriendlyStaff godkjent i FIFes register!

27 / 10 -2009 was the cattery name NO*FriendlyStaff registered in FIFe!

“A” litter 33 Days old

Pia Posted on 30 Oct, 2009 23:46:32

“A” litter 16 Days old

Pia Posted on 13 Oct, 2009 22:31:27

Pia`s first litter!

Pia Posted on 27 Sep, 2009 21:17:48

Today Pia gave birth to three beautiful kittens!!

I dag har Pia født tre nydelige kattunger!!


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